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The Xbox Series X is the most popular console according to Twitter

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This isn’t even my final form!


Clickbait? At least, Google Trends still has PS5 searches 2:1 over searches for Xbox series consoles.

Doesn't mean it is wrong if all the searches are 'why is the PS5 a pile of shit'.

But you have to be careful with sentiment analysis because as someone has pointed out already, you might be pissed that it is sold out instantly. If you have the more in demand product the amount of people going 'can't buy a fucking PS5 I am pissed' is higher. Equally you have to be careful about the time period you're looking at - are there any events which can cause undue bias.

Most importantly you have to be careful about how you interpret the findings. It doesn't show who is the most popular - it shows what proportion of people who are interested in a given entity are happy about said entity.

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Social media sentiment is real data too, it’s based on actual numbers and measurements. But it doesn’t necessarily represent the bigger picture, just like physical data in the UK.

You can’t cherry pick which selected data fits your narrative and reject the rest.

Sorry but the only real telling data is what consumers are buying with their hard earned money. That’s the only true story.

How much consumers are spending on your product. Buying more of it over the competition.

Twitter discussions
Holiday shopping cart clicks
Search engine search results
How many votes this got

Tells nothing except for that moment in time; day, week, holidays, something was popular than something else in those aspects. Those aspects do not guarantee a transition into sales.


Meanwhile youtube metrics for Sony first party and partnered games still out do MS by a large margin. To me that shows engagement and excitement for one platform over the other.
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