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The Tartarus Key Nintendo Switch Trailer


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Lighting looks great.

Not a fan of the character portraits during conversation, it could do without those.

I've screenshotted your post and added it to my collection called "times when SlimeGooGoo SlimeGooGoo was positive about something".

I'm going to print it out and put it in the drawer with the others:

Seriously though the lighting is nice.


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You'll notice, the more niche something is or the more people don't like something, the more likely he will have good things to say. If others are praising something, you can expect him to show up and say how it's trash.
I like you mr. toady

I feel partly responsible for this stramash... but on the other hand:

This will be the music for the match:

Nah I'm kidding, no fighting guys, lets all hug it out:

I'm both the dads in this gif.
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