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The single player only gamer, a dying breed?


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It's funny because this is a decades old frequent topic.. TLDR: Alive and well.

Edit: Interestingly (for me at least), been taking a break from COD and Apex. But then started playing again this week: Oh boy, it's like landing on a different planet.. Obviously need to play every day to keep the flow and rythm. The camping, the bolt-rifle bros, the akimbo Sykovs, and of course the cheating (including of course controller mods on consoles).. I'm starting to lean towards "waste of time".
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I'm on the same boat OP. Couple of years ago I was spending most of my gaming time on countless MP skirmishes in various games, but nowadays it's mostly just the SP titles, especially the ones that require using your brain like strategy, economic, puzzle etc. games.


Dying breed my hairy ass. As long as the medium matures and the average player’s age will keep raising you’ll have more and more middle age people (or even “seniors”) who are into the hobby but couldn’t be bothered dealing with shit online.
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