The Queen is back. Polygon: The Anita Sarkeesian Story, 10 Years of Feminist Frequency


You mean actually playing video games instead of complaining about them?

Will only empower her idea's. Because of hyper focusing on the negatives she puts her brain on.

U could put a 1000 postives infront of her, she will still pick that 1 negative out and not see anything else but that.

She needs to get out of her comfort zone and start to interract with people that she can't dismiss easily by just banning or putting somebody on ignore. Basic real social interacting outside of her little victim bubble she resides in right now.

I would say join a club that is heavily dominated by white males and start interacting with them like triathlon or something that also creates a positive fibe at the end of the day and drains her energy. Or Start to learn something like music or something where you can make money with to progress yourself further.

It's clear she got deep emotional issue's and slashes it out through feminisme. She clearly doesn't give a dam about anybody also which probably gets created by a lack of emotional connection through her bulling issue's in her childhood. Basically a shield for her emotions in order to not feel hurt anymore. But this also creates a lack of empathy or any emotional connection.

Which basically creates a victim complex which result in everybody is exploitable for me because they own me that.

That's why she's so toxic and so negative all the time.
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She'll likely end up like some old people you sometimes see on the street; full of expressions of bitterness and regret. What a waste of your short interim on this planet.


Not a coincidence at all that this PR fluffpiece is published after Anita tried to gain relevance by offering "consultation" services to CDPR.
Came here to say this exact thing. She's realizing that people are finally sick of her nonsense and this outrage culture is starting to fizzle out. Guess she will have to get a real job soon.

Xaero Gravity

Multiple Anita threads deserve multiple examples. So I am posting this again:

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I don't read Polygon.
But I'm sure their neutral and thorough, non-partisan, professionally written, highly ethical and dripping-with-journalistic-integrity article covers these items in great detail.
Universally loved name? HAHAHAHA


other than that friends episode of chapter 1: first period, there was also another one in stargate where tealc when to a vagina monologues play. hahah


She needs to get out of her comfort zone and start to interract with people that she can't dismiss easily by just banning or putting somebody on ignore

just curious: why? she has a mass audience. she has media adoration. she has the attention of industry recruiters. why should she even bother with haters who have no impact on her? she will not convince them, it is pointless to try, since she is already explaining herself to her haters constantly and they can't take it. it drives them mad. her strategy of simply commodifying the hate has worked out flawlessly, and beautifully.

really she is doing nothing different than Jim Sterling who demonizing game companies when convenient and is on a soap box always telling devs how they should really make games and is constantly self promoting. she is doing nothing different than the pages of threads of people demanding the Square Enix devs change Tifa to suit their personal desires. everyone on the internet is an Expert who knows How Games Should Really Be Made and are happy to shoot their mouths off constantly, sometimes directly threatening the people that make their games. she just has a bigger megaphone than most. folks jealous.

also i don't see her as destroying the gaming industry. consolidation did that. games as a service did that. Sony not attending E3 did that. loot boxes did that. console wars did that. EA did that. is feminism the ideology behind any of those shitty developments? nope.
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Can I ask a serious question?

Has she even worked on a game? On any level?

Or is she just some mouth piece for progressive politics and holier than thou finger pointing?
This woman has strange takes on so many things.
About her impressions on the reaction to the Iraq war (assuming she talks of the second one):
Toronto is a very multi-cultural city - it's certainly not very "white" not like 50 - 60 years ago, and it wasn't very white by the time the second Iraq war started.

Secondly, there was very little support for this war in Canada, in fact there was so much opposition that the government backed out of participation in it, I have yet to see journalists being supportive of it in the Canadian media (maybe her family watched American news?)

But these aren't my main issues, I can't know how she lived it back then, in Toronto, for her. The manipulative language through out this article is the problem, it starts with some bomb treats she may have received, then move on to insinuate that nobody really cared about women in gaming before her, that "representation" wasn't a thing, etc. While she has behaved as a bully herself (not in defense against actual agression). Then she complains companies implemented similar ideas compared to what she argued for in her videos and then refused to pay her for it - well those who paid for your kickstarter paid for your ideas to flourish, and well, she did not invent feminism, nor body objectification, etc. by the time she made the video these were old news style of easy/short hand complaint that any high school person (educated or not) could leverage against the gaming industry, or film, or music videos, etc.

She just though she could use them to run a consulting racket on gaming studios (many hired her).

I don't think she is wrong about everything, but I think that in many cases it's just bringing Victorian area values back - but not on all aspect as I am certain gays and trans folks did not get much acceptance in Victorian England, the problem always arise when you have to include people from all groups (skin color, sex, orientation, trans/not-trans) in all situations or all stories, and none of them can show any "stereotype" but they must be representative of their group(s) somehow otherwise she sends the twitter mob after them... well no actually it depends on whether or not they hired her to consult on the topics at hand, which was laid bare in her tweet to CDPR.

There is this paragraph on how she gets "objectified" because some guy told her she looked exotic, while also getting white privilege because she has fair skin (no way!! whoever gave you white privilege should have though twice about what they were doing, because now you blame them.

I could go on and on and on.


She need a good ride, for fucks sake.

And I mean it in all the ways possible, I want it to sound like that.

A Liar, scammer, petulant, ol' feminist which is using video games to make her uterus more profitable.

Let's her dissappear, pls, she is the emboidement of depravation.
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The thread over at the asylum reads like a shrine to her; it's beyond pitiful.

At much as she's full of shit, you gotta hand it to Anita, she's not even a gamer and she got all those soyboys and "women" to give her money.
I’m not shocked by Reee’s comments on Anita.


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Do you think instead of artists & designers they hired her and just didn’t have artists? Lol wut

You realise they can hire more than one person? They can even hire more than one woman

It's just one example. Think of all the other gaming journalists without any practical skills who magically got jobs in the games industry at big name studios.


It’s like a volunteered human centipede forming an ouroboros.

I find them really creepy there, with their rainbow avatars, stunning amount of entitlement, all saying how brilliant everything Sarkeesian says is, peppered with the occasional slightly dissenting post + a ban reason that reads like satire. Even on the 1st page, some of the well known super nutcases (the ones you see screenshotted on twitter to laugh at) are conversing in an incredibly cultish manner, talking about saving evidence and having copies of it.

I mean, it sort of goes unsaid that they're freaky, hideously mentally ill, hypocritical socialists of the worst kind, with a bordering on fanatical devotion to the creation of the worst echo chamber on the internet. I find them utterly vile, the kind of thinking that started Nazi Germany, dressed up as goodness. Thank god a lot of it is abstract, no one takes them seriously in the world, hence them creating their own little online walled garden. Just a hideous collection of brainwashed dimwits, with no skills in the real world, all looking absolutely ridiculous.

Here's a thought, for all the lovely LGBT avatars and built up online reputations, I would not like to imagine their revolting, raggedy, cheap surgeon sculpted manginas, cut to ribbons with a Gilette Mach 5, as much patchy stubble on their muffin top as on their wobbly chins, token amounts of makeup smeared across the pasty pock ridden face, straggly, damaged, thin blue hair beginning to recede into male pattern baldness. Then picture the fuckers in another 10 years. I hope I'm around to see it.
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I wish she would just GO AWAY.
Every time she opens her mouth you get a multi page thread like this. And this is a site that can't stand her supposedly. The other site is probably 20 pages deep right now of worship.
Every tweet she does for every one person supporting you have five people who have some pavlovian response where they HAVE To reply with "DIE I HATE YOU!!" just feeding that post count and giving her more to talk about. It is embarrassing really.
Looks to be that way based on the Financials

Last Year FF had an opening balance of $157,490.62

This Year FF has an opening balance of $30,967.72

No wonder Anita has been chasing EA and CDP for consultancy work on Twitter. 🤔
It's good to see that more people have figured out her nonsense that she's really feeling it in the bank. Too bad that it isn't before she has already significantly damaged the gaming industry.

I doubt that she had a significant role in Anthem flopping with her visiting Bioware Edmonton. Correlation isn't causation. However, one can say that her presence didn't help the game in any way. And perhaps the time and money spent on bringing her over could've been used for more productive tasks in Anthem's development. That isn't to say Anthem wouldn't have flopped in that alternative reality, but it would've had a better chance at least.

And this extends to the rest of the game industry, too. The time and resources spent on obsessing over whether their games fulfill the standards of a non-existent audience are a huge waste.
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Xaero Gravity

I don't like to see people failing and losing their livelihood, but this con artist deserves everything that's coming to her.


The thread over at the asylum reads like a shrine to her; it's beyond pitiful.

Even they are struggling to find anything meaningful she did besides being a martyr, GG!GG!AltRight! How is that positive? Everything turned to shit online when she came and we still didn't recover from it. How can they be grateful about that?

They act like she's some kind of academic with deep, insightful analysis but really her shit was high school level feminism, talking about the race and gender of polygons. No one took her seriously besides them. She "started" a conversation that went nowhere and soon she'll be homeless. Bye.
I might get banned but I think she is HOT AF.

She's okay looking considering she tries to make herself look like a bleached Rosie Perez.

Her and Zoe have the perfect hustle going on. They employ trans people who will not only work for free, but never revolt against them because they're easy to manipulate. They're basically programed to believe all of life's problems are somehow gamergate's fault. That's fucking evil lol. I don't believe for a second that Scamkeesian doesn't know exactly what she's doing.
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BYE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

We all knew FF was broke and no one watched it. :messenger_grinning_sweat:

So this is why Polygon launched a PR article saying what a amazing person Anita is.

I don't like to see people failing and losing their livelihood, but this con artist deserves everything that's coming to her.

I dont enjoy this either, but when all they do is complaining about everything without pause, when they cant even list one positive thing change the industry, at some point people just become tired and stop giving them any attention.

Now from my understanding she is only liked by extremists on ERA, since even there no one is going to say anything against her because they are afraid of being banned.
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