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The one thing that is really really bothering me about Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart...


Sep 10, 2008
Utah, USA
Maybe I'm being a moron but I did (8,294,400 - 2,073,600), then divided the result by two and added it on to 2,073,600 to get 5,184,000 and 1701p gave me the closest I could get to that.

So its more the midpoint between 1080p and 2160p, pixels wise, as a better way of evaluating how image quality increases as you increase res, rather than looking at the percentage both axis have increased, which would give roughly 1530p as the midway point.

Now I'm questioning it tho haha, maybe I'm going mental.
yeah, I think, in essence, with that calculation you are getting 75% of 4k's pixel count (4k's count - 1080p's count), dividing it by 2 and adding it to 1080p's pixel count.
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