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The next South Park game will be 3D, and developed in-house


One of the things Trey Parker and Matt Stone plan to invest that money in is a videogame, which will be 3D and developed internally by an in-house studio rather than in collaboration with Ubisoft as The Stick of Truthand The Fractured But Whole were.
It's also described as "set in the world" of South Park rather than explicitly a South Park game, which is significant because that $900 million deal doesn't just cover the next six seasons of South Park, but also 14 made-for-streaming Paramount+ movies that will "expand on the existing world". The forthcoming 3D game may be part of this expanding South Park cinematic universe as well.


I really like the stick of truth … the second one not really…. Don’t know why… I tried to finish 3 times…. But I couldn’t finish at all.
Curious about the third one.


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To me this doesn't makes sense given the style of the show.

Let's hope it will be nothing like this!

Also wow to 900 million. :messenger_grimmacing_
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I would rather go with same format to be quite honest, they were excellent and also not much games like this... 3D for that art style, not sure...
It will be South Park the Souls like in which you play as Kenny.
Your heard it first from me !

3D just doesn't fit for South Park.
The last two games had the perfect look.


It's a bit of a shame that they are going with 3D given how the last 2 games perfectly nailed the look of the show.

But on the other hand it's nice that it will probably have another gameplay style. Fractured But Whole, while not bad, already felt a bit tired and like more of the same.


I love that Matt and Trey get so involved.

Sounds like they are taking their involvement to a new level. Excited to see what they have in store for us.


I liked the fps on N64. Dont eat the yellow snow!

Im sure they can do a much better job now and yeah it was rought but i kinda liked it

I want either a 1st person south park game or a gta like sandbox/ simpsons hit n run lol
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Loved the 2 previous games..... the N64 one, not so much.

Can't wait to see what they do. Was afraid we wouldn't get another.
The south park FPS was actually pretty fun. It wasn't brilliant, had some design quirks along the way but was a fun ride. It was pretty underrated. They should go in that direction.
I think we may be misunderstanding the 3D part.

I firmly believe that the game will retain it's original art style, but the rendering of the world would be 3D made to look 2D ala SFV and/or Guilty Gear Stride.

I could be wrong, of course. But I sincerely doubt Matt and Trey - two of the most detailed and obsessive minded creators - to allow their own baby look like 3D dogshit.

And being made in-house?

Seriously doubt it. For sure they're doing it in-house to make sure they get it right and under their own terms.
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