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Analysis Hardware The next gen speculation thread in retrospect


Apr 30, 2020
I was reading through the infamous Next Gen speculation thread from the start, and its pretty entertaining.
It was really interesting to see just what people thought was possible at the beginning of the thread to what we ended up with.
I think in actuality the consoles came out a bit better than expectations were (not the crazy leaks of 13tflop PS5) at the beginning of the thread.
No one really thought there would be Ray tracing. The CPU was pretty close to what people expected, but alot of people thought it would be GCN architecture rather than something as market leading a RDNA 2.

So yeah, I think both did really well and put out consoles that exceeded what people thought they would be.
Add in the additional extras such as Machine Learning, VRS and Mesh Shaders on XSX, and GE on PS5, we did ok.

The only real area where people expected maybe more was in RAM allocation. Alot of people thought it could be upwards of 32gb of RAM, and alot thought they would have some separate DDR4 RAM pool for the OS.

So now the fog has cleared, do you think what Sony and MS came out with was above or below what you expected say 18 months out, or were they on point?
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Dec 11, 2008
I remember people being blown away by XSX specs, even some thinking $600 after the reveal (I don't blame them, it was close to high end PC). Then PS5 was a bit lower in GPU and that was bad despite being above the leaks (pre 13Tf bullshit) and being in line with more reasonable expectations. Now $500 is expected in price for both.

Both consoles exceeded my expectations in many aspects (if you compare to what is available for a reasonable price on PC), such as ray tracing and SSD.


Nov 27, 2018
So now the fog has cleared, do you think what Sony and MS came out with was above or below what you expected say 18 months out, or were they on point?

Definitely above, let me rmind how shocking (in the positive way) the end of 2019 was - Zen2 instead of Zen/Zen+, RDNA2 which still isn't even available instead of CGN/RDNA1, SSDs are much faster than anyone expected (SATA3), the upcoming generation will basically be the exact opposite of the current one, where all te consoles, all their components were utter garbage, and now everything is pretty much high-end.

But I have to say I did have some good laughs at stuff like 20TF GPU, 32GB RAM, HBM3 etc., this sounds RIDICULOUS even today, let alone 2-3 years ago, and the funniest thing is those people are the ones who are mostly engaged into all those console wars, giving their armchair calculations and theories about that the next-gen consoles will be able to do, they laugh at all those fake insiders but they aren't any differ, they lost all their credibility few years ago with their speculated specs, they know jack shit about the technology, software and hardware.
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