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The Last of Us Part 2: the model who plays Abby still receives death threats, after years

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Glad to see that they were both fine, though wimping out on the resume is some weak sauce. I'm doubtful that you ever had a Wikipedia page anyway :messenger_grinning_smiling:!
Thanks and no wimping out just don't want to go down that path as it always leads to other stuff and just not willing to go there, been there done that

And you think I could be lying what I have been saying on these forums for as long as I have been here?

I think if I was going to make something up I would pick something a little more glamorous than an average relief pitcher in the 1990s

But people can think what they want honestly

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Abby shows producing under pressure, leadership and for the first time you’re rooting against Ellie it’s worth the threats if you get to be a star in a game.
It's funny how people say they'll just ignore people who go after them on social media but are so quick to reply to something they don't like on this forum.

How are the two things equivalent?

What do you suppose people should do to idiots making casual threats on Twitter? Do you think people should reply to them?

Replying to a person discussing a topic you disagree with on a discussion forum is kinda the whole fucking point of engaging on a forum. Quite why you think someone making death threats is equivalent to someone saying something you don't like on a forum is freaking baffling.

This really isn't the gotcha you think it is.
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