The Last of Us Part 2 Mod Turns Seattle Into A Winter Wonderland


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A new mod for The Last of Us Part 2 manages to make Seattle look simply magical, by adding snow to the game’s post-apocalyptic landscapes. The Last of Us Part 2 is fast approaching its first anniversary, but even nearly 12 months after its release, it is still one of the most hotly discussed videogames today.

However, one mod has managed to turn even some of The Last of Us Part 2’s drearier scenes into a stunning winter wonderland. Created and shared by Youtuber Speclizer, the Always Snowing mod adds a heavy dusting of the white stuff to all areas of the game. The results are beautiful and work surprisingly well in many of the game’s maps where it is not normally present. It is slightly jarring to see Joel push Ellie into what now looks to be exceptionally cold water, but otherwise, the snow adds a charming and magical element to TLOU2’s environments.



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Reseterror Resettler
Looks like they just turned most of the textures off?
My favorite part of Winter is the first time the weather turns my car, tires and all, completely white. Same with tall grass. I see a lot of games do that fake, lazy shit where snow covers foliage, and it's like, come on, you people live on the same planet I do, right?
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