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The Last of Us 2 Fan Film 'Project Spores - All We Lost' Receives Exciting Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

If you still can’t get enough of being overcome with emotion and you’re itching to get your eyeballs on HBO’s The Last of Us but just can’t wait until it arrives, a skilled group of cosplayers, photographers and creatives have put together a series called ‘Project Spores‘ which will delve deeply into the game’s unique characters as well as exploring elements of their life’s away from what players witnessed in TLOU2.

A few months ago, we showcased a little sneak peek of Project Spores’ first teaser trailer which showcased Ellie and Dina trying to survive from the chaos around them accompanied by that ever-haunting and iconic music by the legendary Gustavo Santaolalla.

This time, fans get another look at a teaser trailer but now we have an exciting 2022 date to go with it. Along with the official reveal of the title “Project Spores – All We Lost“, the fan film will release on YouTube in February 2022. This is a very exciting time for the cast who have put so much work into making this film the best it can possibly be. If you’d like to see an image of Joel and Ellie from the fan film and also the brand new trailer, check it out below.

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