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News The Game Awards 2021 Nominees

Mr Moose

Sep 10, 2013
So I am guessing next year starfield will not make a cut (obviously, with some odd excuses). Based on halo infinite previews it will be another ms game released this year with high metacritic score but not considered for awards. smells fishy.

It won one. Not sure why it's in a player award category though because most of those voters haven't played it, it's not out until next week.
Edit: Released yesterday? Well, point still stands lol.
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Jan 21, 2021
Has there ever been a decent reveal from this show, every yr it gets hyped up just to turn out rubbish although it prob doesnt have todo much to beat a lot of the shows this yr, but ive been stung to many times to wait up for this, will just check out the trailers tomoro if there out good