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The Callisto Protocol news coming next week


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?

We may finally get a proper look at The Callisto Protocol next week as news is expected to drop on the game.

News of the impending information came from Glen Schofield, founder, and CEO of developer Striking Distance Studios.
Unveiled at The Game Awards 2020, all we've seen so far is the cinematic trailer, so hopefully, we'll get to see some gameplay next week.

Created by the team behind the survival horror franchise Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol is an all-new take on the genre and is slated for PC and console release sometime this year.
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Guessing 2023 delay

Edit : Anything announced with a CG trailer is AT THE MINIMUM 2 years away.

They might want to push this before Dead Space remake (January 2023), but I think it's more likely to be after.
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Mr Hyde

Very excited for this. A spiritual successor to Dead Space and a remake of the original at the same time is horror heaven. Don't fick this up.
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