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The Callisto Protocol Exclusive Combat Deep Dive (Game Informer)


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Its supposed to be a scary game but:

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I remember capcom touting the dual sense haptics for re8 village. In the end, it felt like a wee fizzle in comparison to the Xbox impulse triggers rumble when being bitten. Maybe this will better implement it.


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I'm super hyped for this one! I'm really craving for Dead Space style survival horror game for long time.

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Just rename this game dead space 4 already cos thats what it is and what it deserve
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I genuinely enjoy horror films/books, but as soon as anything scary starts stalking me in a game, I’m out. That creepy, blobby monstrosity in RE Village nearly gave me a heart attack! 😂 CP looks great, but I might wuss out on this one.
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