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The best cinematic intro in videogames history

Tekken 5 intro is my all time favorite
The build-up the atmosphere the art style the music
It's so good
I remember when I played it back in 2005 I was so amazed by the graphics
Tekken 5 is the last good Tekken game imo
And the best one too .

I still don't know how Capcom made onimusha 3 intro on ps2
The game released in 2004 and its still looks better then most games these days

I don't know whey some weebs and nerds hated
Jean Reno in the game back then
He was a great addition to the series even though I hated his stupid son in the game he was annoying brat anyway I enjoyed the time travel too

so what do you think guys
what's your favorite intro of all time
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The opening cutscene of Metal Gear Solid 1 was like a glimpse into a cinematic adult and epic future. It was the first time when we really imitated quotes with the corresponding voices in a game in a circle of friends

My friends and I loved Kurt Russell in The Rattlesnake so we immediately recognized the reference. From then on, of course, we kept an eye out for all sorts of Easter eggs and cross-references to films

it was glorious...
Fantasy Waiting GIF by Pixel Bandits


Recent ones I really like Code Vein (Ufotable, and some great metal) :

Older games :
Panzer Dragoon Saga :

Shining Force III :

Sonic Adventure :

I love Bleach and really like Bleach GC intro as well :

Quick reminder as well : old, low res anime looks sooooo much better on CRT.
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I see people are saying MGS 2 but I would argue that has one of the best endings to a video game, ever.

The ending gave me chills. Too bad it really meant nothing when MGS 4 came out.


Reseterror Resettler
FF6, terras theme plus magitec armor walking through snow storm.


This one, times a million. I plated the game after FFVII, so I can only imagine how cool that intro was at the time of release. Square was really in their element with the SNES toolbox. Real cool usage of their capabilities and limitations, smart and economical translations in the West, fleshed out gameplay mechanics and systems that would be further refined and become staples of the franchise. Everything just fucking worked with FFVI. Spielberg in Japan shit.
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