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The Ascent Will Arrive in 2021



The Ascent, which was once set to be a launch title for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, will now be released in 2021.

Originally revealed at Microsoft's first next-gen Inside Xbox broadcast, The Ascent is an action-RPG set in a cyberpunk world and appears to be a wonderful mashup of Diablo and Judge Dredd, as we have previously noted.

Developer Neon Giant has also shared a new video that showcases the development and highlights a few features coming to The Ascent when it is released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC in 2021. It will also be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch.


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Seems like a decent mid tier game, but I think the game doesn't have random level layouts. Only random loot.

Replayability will be gimped.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Hey, at least with the overwhelming amount of delays in 2020, next year should be a blinder.

... Right?


This is a shame because I thought the game had a lot going for it. Looks really cool. Sucks that Xbox gamers can't play it at launch. This would have been my most wanted game if I was getting an X at launch.
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Believe it or not this game clinched me buying up 3 years of GPU while offers were still going. Looking forward to it!
Look forward to this as a possible option for couch co-op with the spousal unit. We’ve pretty much wrung as much as possible out of Diablo 3. I find one of the keys to a happy marriage is to include your partner into the gaming as much as possible. Keep those co-op games coming Microsoft! In the name of marriage harmony!

No issue with developers not releasing their game until it’s ready. Looking at you Halo Inf. and Cyberpunk.
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