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''That's Right... I now own WCW!'' (Armchair Owner Redux)


No explanations needed, you're installed as surprise new owner of BLANK company. You can affect changes throughout the company from you-on-down, hirings, firings, overhauls, etc. So... how would you run things given complete control?

Let's hear you guys/gals, from any time period of gaming history. Concept mock-up images welcome too.

For starters:

PSP/PSVita, PS App/PS Remote Play...

I HATE being chained to my TV in the living room. Especially at night if I'm tired, but wanting to play more. It's a whole "thing", and I'm always trying different things-out as so-called solutions. Currently, I have a G-Story TV lid attached to my PS5, so the console itself becomes somewhat ''portable''. I Remote Play play on living room TV and when tired I go play upstairs in bed on the TV screen lid. Or if I'm based somewhere else around the house or have to leave my own house, the console itself is a self-contained ''portable'', no TV needed. It "works-out"... but isn't an elegant solution for sure...

Granted, we have PS Remote Play app on laptops, and phones, but who really wants to carry a PS controller and laptop around; or a PS controller and a clip-on-attachment alongside their smartphone? It is my eternal frustration that MS seems to have capitalized on Sony's initial vision and half-steps. Tortoise and the Hare? Sony even scaled-back PSNow interation when they redid the PStore for post PS3 era, so no longer could PSNow be accessed from a broader list of devices such as Tablets and TVs etc. Now, with Xbox putting an XCloud/GP app on TV's, they have further solved the issue of not needing XB hardware, any TV screen becomes an XC/GP station, you don't even need a laptop to run Remote Play software on.
  • There's still a market for a dedicated handheld device, I think, so long as it's form factor is comfortable, stylish, and has all the needed buttons.

  • Allow it to work over mobile data/not just the same wifi network as console. Use a standard, non overpriced storage medium. Basically, just don't kneecap the thing right before the race begins.

  • Like Vita, and new PS App, allow it to voice chat with players.

  • L2/R2 and LS/RS pressable buttons included. This allows for 1:1 input for remote playing PS4/PS5 games.

  • WILD idea: Though I wouldn't still be pushing PS4/cross-gen game development myself as this point in time as a general matter of course for newly developed titles... if I was forced to do it or took over operations today when SONY have already committed to it; I'd find a way to make a PORTABLE PS4.

    "PSP... PSP GO... PSVita... The 4th PSP... is a Portable PS4!"

  • Compliment the new Portable hardware by also having TV Apps for PS App and PS Remote Play apps from mobile devices. Oh... and something like this...

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You still got the Sony TV we talked about years ago, or did you go with something else ultimately? I can't remember but we were debating size you should get.
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