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LTTP Tales of Berseria - How Did I Miss This Game?


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Jul 2, 2013
A lot of games seem awesome during the first 10 hours. The question is if the game is good as a whole experience.
This game actually delivered, for me at least. There were moments of pure emotion, I literally cried several times and there were other times where I genuinely laughed out loud.

The combat was fun and engaging once I finally got the hang of things. The equipment / mastery system was great too and a good way to "grind" without just purely pumping up my level. The game had a lot of really good systems working for it. The world felt pretty alive, and the main characters were all really good (I even liked Magilou, although I think she was the weakest of them all). I kept wanting to play this game more and more, so much so that I probably spent twice as long on it as I could have. I listened to all the skits and cutscenes, even though most of them were optional. The worldbuilding was top notch here.

My only real criticism is that the dungeon designs were pretty weak and samey. The final dungeon and the water dungeon somewhat remedied this, but overall the dungeons were all pretty uninspired and copy / paste terrains and corridors that made them difficult to navigate.
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