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Take-Two declare war on GTA Modding Community (again)


This seems to be happening right now but a lot of high profile members of the GTA modding community have reported a mass DMCA take down on multiple websites targetting old projects (some over a decade old)., Back in 2017 when Take-Two tried to make Single Player modding ILLEGAL, Rockstar were forced to step in and help convince them to bring back tools like OpenIV, during this period Rockstar Games put out an agreement about what's allowed and not allowed in the modding community which back then clearly stated Single Player modding is allowed and the oilder games (pre-RAGE titles) were completely open for players to do what they want. The only major rule at the time was that you were not allowed to port maps/vehicles from other Take-Two games into GTAV.

However in 2019 it seems this article was heavily edited to state that Single Player Modding is allowed, but you can not use old content, or create new content (so what are we working with?), they've also made sure to omit this website from the wayback machine and other archive websites so people can no longer pull up the original agreement. The new agreement basically says Take-Two can do what they want.

Projects hit in the takedown include popular projects like GTA Underground, the 15 year old GTA: Liberty City mod, GTAV on San Andreas, Vice Cry, Liberty City Stories: PC Edition and Vice City Stories: PC Edition.

This has prompted quite a response from some well known people on that side of the community, including one from Silent of the famed SilentPatches who announced he is no longer going to continue work on any GTA projects:

Another GTA modder has also been posting more information on it in this twitter thread:

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I hope they collect the physical data for all the "contrasty" reshade mods and load them into a rocket and fire it into the sun.


Beta cucks altering other peoples work instead of creating something on their own. No thoughts and prayers being sent from me.


It really doesnt make sense from a business standpoint. Its clear mods extend the life and sales of games and bring in new players. Someone in charge at taketwo does not understand games and the modding community.

personally this seems detrimental the companies image and potential future sales numbers. Feels like a breach of fiduciary duties, shareholders should rage.
It is really stupid. I firmly believe people who purchase the game they can do whatever they want with it, mod it, make changes, make their side stories, and such it is fair. One thing is modding for fun, improve the game, and another to hack/destroy/interrupt an online service, this is the thing I do not agree with.

If Take 2 told before people can make changes to the single-player, they must stay by their word.

This smells like a remake/upgrade of san andreas, which they want to remove the Mods, which will make their version look bad/inferior. At the end of the day, I see modders with more talent than some companies.
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First the news that GTA 6 isn't coming till at least 2025 then this. What the hell is going on over there at Take Two? That entire company is just fucked up from top to bottom. Need any more proof? Just look at their most recent E3 "presentation."
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