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Superman, Spider-Man and Batman Video Game Imagined in Unreal Engine 5


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Looks cool but I don't know how it would translate into compelling gameplay and mission design.

I'd much rather get a non super man game with more dated graphics but crazy destruction. Let me throw enemies at buildings and have them collapse like that original Crackdown 3 demo:
Yeah, i don't care for photorealistic graphic if everything is undestructible in a superman\hero game.

Devs don't have the jaguar cpu inside the console excuse anymore.


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In 2021, the world caught a glimpse of what a brand new Matrix game could look like running on Epic's Unreal Engine 5. While less of a game and more of an "experience", players got to explore a near photorealistic city, and it gave us a taste of what the future of open-world games could look like.. It hasn't taken long for modders to add their own twist on what can be done in this world, and one of the coolest ones we've seen is this flight-test experience where you can flying around like Superman, though legally, this is NOT Superman. He's just a man who dresses like Superman and has his power. Enjoy!
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Recently, a Youtuber, JSFILMZ, has shared some footage from their new project, which brings Batman to Matrix Awakens tech demo. Unlike the previous Spider-Man and Superman demos that would only allow players to roam around the city, Batman’s mod already has some enemies as well as a combat system.

Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t seem to include any special gadgets from Batman such as his Batclaw or even the Batarang. Besides, you can find any way to fly with your Batman character in this demo, which might make it a little bit boring.

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A serious modern Superman is pretty much impossible because he's too powerful. It's pointless unless every enemy is equipped with kryptonite-based weaponry, but then you don't get to really feel like Superman.
You can have gameplay mechanics where you don't die but can still fail. For example failing to save someone in time or some other objectives.
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