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Super Sonico DLC announced for Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Sir TapTap

via http://gematsu.com/2017/03/senran-kagura-peach-beach-splash-add-super-sonico-dlc

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash will add Nitroplus character Super Sonico as a playable character via downloadable content, Marvelous announced during a launch live stream.

A release date for the character was not announced.

Game just came out in Japan. Pretty cool news for fans, first time Sonico's been in this series though not quite her first video game cameo.

Sir TapTap

Super Sonico is nice but wheres my girl Pochaco.

Much as I like Senran Kagura, I'm not really sure of their ability to properly model Pochaco due to her thiccness, it's certainly be welcome though.

But their models are clearly based off the same base model, you can see some odd limitations of their clothing engine with the couple flat characters (and even to a small extent Kafuru, who's "only" a C).

I don't have PBS yet though so maybe it's less true now. Hoping I can get it by next week.

Sir TapTap

Honestly she fits right in.
Hope the localized version gets her as well!

She should be even less of a problem than the ikki tousen (or whatever) characters that we got late. Even the Sonico VN/photography game got localized.

Up to 4 guest characters already. I guess with this being a water shooter, anyone can fit right in.

In retrospect, I'm surprised it took this long for crossovers to start popping up (well, it started in estival). It's a series now more or less designed around having a crapton of characters
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