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Super Sami Roll Console Release Trailer (US/EU) | Nintendo Switch, PS5 also on PC (Steam)

I'll be honest, I' never heard of this game until I saw this trailer but it's looking pretty good and there aren't anywhere near enough 3D platformers out there for my liking.

Apparently it's been out for a while on steam and it releases this week on Switch and PS5. Seems a bit strange that they're only releasing a PS5 version and not releasing a PS4 version due to the massive install base that version would come with, maybe they will at some point. 🤷‍♂️

It certainly seems to "borrow" from a few classic games so it;s hardly going to win any awards for originality but it still looks like fun. There are a few reviews of the PC version out there but none from any people that I know, I think it looks like a pretty simple game to read though and most will know if it;s for them or not just by watcjing people play the game.

Apparently it was $14.99 when it released on Steam so probably about the same or a little bit higher on the consoles.
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