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Super Mario Galaxy Fanmade DS Port Releases First Demo


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Some fans are creating their own DS version of Super Mario Galaxy, with the first gameplay footage of this project being released last year. It showed off an entirely ground-up remake of Super Mario Galaxy, with its own custom engine that was designed to be played on the Nintendo DS' hardware. While progress has slowed down, the first public demo of this demake has been released for fans to enjoy.

This first demo is available for download on the team's Discord server, which contains a couple of levels from the original game. A video by CometObservator shows off the Mario Squared Galaxy and Hurry Scurry Galaxy levels, both being short affairs that require the player to collect certain objects in order to obtain one of Super Mario Galaxy's Power Stars. The creators have done a lot of work to create the feel of the game being constrained to the handheld hardware, evidenced by its low poly look and compressed audio.

One of the members of the team notes that a lot of progress on this Super Mario Galaxy fan-project was being worked on in their free time, which is why there has been slow progress. The team felt they could at least release the currently final ROM for fans to try out. They noted, however, this demake of Super Mario Galaxy is still in beta, acknowledging that there are unfinished levels, bugs, and incomplete optimizations.



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I don’t think a lot of these kids realise just how much money they could be making in the enterprise sector. Granted, optimizing the performance of a banking system (for example) isn’t as fun as this but man their brains are worth a fucking mint.


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That's damn impressive. Looks like a 3DS game. But how does it handle more complex levels? The ones shown off there are the simplest ones in the game
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