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Super Mario 64 has been ported to Windows


I‘m a bit confused; aren‘t emulators on PC already capable of running older console games at higher resolutions and/or fps? I distinctly remember seeing threads on GAF and elsewhere where people were showing off lots of high-res screenshots of PS1, N64, PS2 or Gamecube games. Are those done on a game-by-game basis, or do those emulators work universally for all (or most) games of the system they‘re emulating?

I was under the impression that emulation on PC had progressed to a point where by now the vast majority of games from the first six console generations run at super high resolutions without any problems.
By having the source code mods and improvements are much easier to make.
There's also less overhead, as the host system only has to run and render the game instead of running (emulating) a whole other system.


Finally tried the SM64 PC port with ESRGAN and 60fps last night after an hour of figuring out wtf to do. Holy shit is it smooth. This is what 3D All-Stars should have been with widescreen + 60fps minimum. I can't wait for the OOT decompilation.
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