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Summer Game Fest 2022 Kickoff Event


Tag, you're it.

Geoff Keighley and his Summer Game Fest are returning today for a "live cross-industry" event that will feature game announcements, reveals, and a Day of the Devs indie game showcase.
The kickoff of this edition, produced and of course hosted by Geoff Keighle, will be a two-hour live with more than a dozen previews.

⚠️ Live at 11a PT/2p ET/6p GMT ⚠️

You'll find links to the appropriate threads for everything revealed during the show just below:

Modern Warfare 2 | First Gameplay Revealed

The Last of Us Part I | Coming September 2 on PS5 (PC version in development)

First Image of The Last of Us TV Show

Neil Druckmann is working on a new project


Gotham Knights | Nightwing Trailer

Marvel Midnight Suns | New Trailer Revealed

HUMANKIND | Coming to consoles

Layers of Fear | Coming in 2023

The Callisto Protocol | First Gameplay Revealed

Goat Simulator 3 | Coming in 2022

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Kenneth Haight

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Hyped to see anything new, my backlog is ridiculous and I have promised no more games until I get a few more platinums tidied up, but as mundane as these shows are they are still good fun for the chance that something out of left field.
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