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Karak Karak review:
level design = shit, so huge pass from me. After almost 100 of ER, no way im touching this.
The combat is so fun!!! but it's the roughest god damned level design I have seen in years. I mean it, no joke, makes ANY dynasty warriors game appear detailed.
It's honestly like the guy who was supposed to design the levels got sick and they forgot that part.
The combat is so fun!!! but it's the roughest god damned level design I have seen in years. I mean it, no joke, makes ANY dynasty warriors game appear detailed.
It's honestly like the guy who was supposed to design the levels got sick and they forgot that part.
I get that they are quite empty and repetitive, but what about the navigation? Are they as simple as they look?

Otherwise the game seems very fun! Weird story + amazing gameplay is all I need.


After trying the first demo, this was actually high on my list for 2022, but then the EGS exclusivity sent it tumbling down. I might pick it up in bargain bins for PS5, otherwise see you in a year on Steam.


If only this exact same game had "Hidetaka Miyazaki" name plastered somewhere, it would be so much more cherished... that's the sad and unfortunate reality of human brain.

No its not lol.
Miyzaki is a great developer, nothing to do with the name. Dark Souls 2 showed me how good he is….


Dark Souls 2 is still better than 90% of other games out there lol. Its a huge adventure game with lots of build variety, fun PvP and burning effigies beats NG+. Its just not my fave Dark Souls game but I played it a ton.


Beat this fucking demo on Hard mode. The Black Knight pissed me off. I think it requires you to at least deck out some advanced job well to win more easily. I went in with a Knight I just opened up, and a rather advanced Black Mage. Couldn't find a weakness, but parries and evading unblockables help. Could one shot all his copies with Quakega. But you can also steal his whirlwind.

Tried out Dragoon next, looks pretty fun also. Can throw spears and charge it up beforehand.

Auto equip isn't going to cut it. You want those affinities. So look for the symbols.

Might day one this, I just like it a ton. Even though i'm still busy with ER.
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Tried the demo for about 30mins, seems fine. I just do not like the aesthetic of this, at all. The special effects, especially the red crystals, just do not agree with my eyes. Maybe I'll wait for a sale. ER and Destiny 2 are both seriously eating up my time. Even then, I still have Horizon to finish.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin reviewed by Jada Griffin on PlayStation 5. Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC.

It began as a collection of the loosest of story ideas that seemed to go nowhere, but slowly but surely Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin pulled it all together and managed to stick the landing. A solid and engaging action combat system can be tuned to be as challenging as it is rewarding. Coupled with versatile character customization that lets you mix and match from dozens of interchangeable jobs, your character fights how you see fit in single-player or three-player co-op. There's significant room for improvement in the tools it gives you to manage the avalanche of gear that drops in every mission, but the nods to Final Fantasy history littered throughout its levels are enough to divert attention from that sort of thing. Add in all the extra challenges awaiting after finishing the story, and there's plenty of content to sink your teeth into.
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Huh? The Series X version of the latest demo ran better than the PS5 one.
I played the demo on PS5 and Series X. Do not know what they have done with Series version in term of resolution, but it's blurry as hell. For a game with that kind of graphic, it's not normal.
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I want to give this a fair chance because the combat does look great in some footage I've watched.

But the demo is doing them no favors, holy shit the optimization is bad. Like, real bad.

Playing on "performance" mode on PS5, the cutscenes look like they are running at 10 fps at around 480p at times.
Considering this first 20 mins of the game has been terrible cutscenes and janky framerate with a tiny combat tutorial, this is not the best first impression it's making.


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The NME score has me confused the review reads like a 3/5 at worst... maybe 4/5 at a stretch but then they give it a score in line with Big Rigs Over the Road Racing... I'm just confused...

Yeah yeah I know arbitrary point score, just ignore it... but still.


Too bad about the level design, but the combat looks and sounds really fun.

I felt the same way about Nioh, didn't think the levels were particularly interesting for the most part but otherwise really awesome gameplay (although sounds like the levels are much much worse in this case).

When I eventually get around to acquiring a PS5 I'd definitely give this game a shot. Performance issues aside, its flaws kind of makes it seem a bit charming.


After the initial "wow" at how bad the game was running, I have to say....I'm really enjoying the combat in this lol

-- Combat performance the game runs well enough.
-- The job system is fantastic. Huge variety in playstyles.
-- Parrying enemy abilities to essentially steal them for limited uses is great fun.

Outside of gameplay mechanics, the main character does get a chuckle from me with some of these one liners...
-- Stole a bombs fire ability
"Let's see how much fire you can take!!!"
-- Shoot your limited use of their instant fire spell back at them bomb to overcharge them to explode.

I kind of had this on my radar, and was secretly hoping the combat would justify a purchase, and I have to say after an hour and half with the combat, I am tempted to pick it up now.


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This game is a blast. The one thing Karak Karak mentioned in his review that wasn't in the demo (I didn't go back to look) is present in the full game: an easy way to manage your inventory. The game spews Loot every two seconds and it can get overwhelming BUT you have quick selection options to sell all, or sell a subset of items based on flagging them for sale. So it makes that super fast as long as your loadouts are set up and you mark the items you want to "lock".

The combat is really fun: it is fast, the combo systems make sense, and you get a T O N of customization even early on in the game.
I also really liked playing an hour or so of multiplayer (which I never do).

Looking forward to more this week!!


If only this exact same game had "Hidetaka Miyazaki" name plastered somewhere, it would be so much more cherished... that's the sad and unfortunate reality of human brain.
The game design in this game is non existent, there is no purpose to be found in any of the levels, mechanics or systems featured across the entire adventure.

So don't be so ignorant to compare this act of terrorism against 50 years worth of game design advancements to a game as meticulously crafted and filled of creative intent as Elden Ring or any of Miyazaki's work.


Most recent demo was fun. Skipped all the cut scenes. I did enjoy the gameplay.

I'll probably wait for a sale. Kind of feels like a game I will like but not love and something will distract me away from it lol


This demo is bumming me out. Looks like dogshit in framerate mode on ps5 . I hope the PC version is good.
There's honestly no excuse for it looking this shit. They managed to "Remaster" the nioh's so they looked good in 60fps mode, no idea why they didnt do the same here.
It's mind boggingly ugly.


I'm gonna get this down the road a bit, on a deep sale.

I am not buying much Square stuff on launch anymore cause I got GOTG and it's already on GP.....

But I love the humor, whether it's intentional or not.

That's my type of thing.


Man, I tired the demo, but I got part way thru the tutorial and was just turned off. I don't know what it is about this game, but it's something about the combat that's not clicking for me. Like it's missing something. I can see the enemies have a hit animations, I feel the rumble from the controller, but it just feels like nothing. I had the same feeling in FF15. Like when I hit stuff, I don't feel it.

I don't know how to explain it.

It sucks because the intro was bad ass.
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Thats surprisingly decent. Unfortunate that they release it amongst Horizon, GT7 and Elden Ring. There are simply better games to play right now.

But I hope it does well enough to not flop commercially.


Frankly, it's not that horrible if you put it on casual and just run around picking up loot. Not a 70 £ game though.
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