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Social Opinion News Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Review Thread

Lionel Richie

Jun 22, 2014

Let's do this baby! The original on GBA is one of my most cherished memories ever, so is the PS1 version. It's a remake of a remake! Someone should warn Capcom.



A return to Friends of Mineral Town may not have been my first choice for a mainline Story of Seasons game on the Switch, but after spending several springs in it, it's the game I most want the developers to look back at when they get around to creating the next original entry in the series.

7/10 - Destructoid

The Switch continues to grace me with more entries of the Story of Seasons series, which I will not complain about. Now, Marvelous brings us Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, a remastered version of the 2003 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town that released on Gameboy Advance. This updated version gives fans some fresh new graphics to look at, a few new characters, and many other improvements to make it worth returning to.

9/10 - Noisy Pixel

All of this is not to say that Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a letdown, or even that it is a bad game. Its laid-back gameplay and overall simplicity is extremely peaceful and addicting, but I would advise that new players manage their expectations.

7/10 - COG Connected

I fell in love with Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, but it was only after I slowed down and appreciated the daily rhythm of tasks for what they are that this happened. I do fear that the early game where you are left to your own devices may put players unfamiliar with the gentle flow of farming and relationship sims off. There is no denying that you are left a little too much to your own devices with no obvious overarching story push to encourage you to explore more presenting itself early enough on, which may result in some players losing interest in the mysteries of the town. For those that do settle into the gentle daily grind early on they will be treated to a lovely, relaxing slice of idyllic rural life.

8/10 - God is a Geek

Get in! And remember, Karen IS best girl.
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Aug 24, 2018
Awesome I didn't realize it finally has a release date :messenger_smiling_hearts:
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Gold Member
Nov 6, 2019
So it sounds like Stardew Valley, but with more QOL improvements? I dig it. I'll probably download it this weekend if it's available.

Lionel Richie

Jun 22, 2014
Give me an idea of how this compares to Animal Crossing? Better/worse?

They're similar and yet hard to compare. Animal Crossing is more like The Sims, where Harvest Moon is like Sim City. It's safe to say that if you enjoy one, you'll enjoy the other.

If I had to grade them, I'd say Animal Crossing is more polished and the gameplay loop is stronger since by being in real time it's a game built to be played over time. Harvest Moon is more like a regular RPG, but without the "action" bits.