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Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Thanks To Help From Microsoft (ign) (xcloud)


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Why would I spend 700+$ on a system to play through cloud? with it’s latency.
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No one is talking about an Xbox One.

Technically, even you are at this point .....
And your completely missing the fact that there are games on xcloud that:

A) might not run well on steam
B) you might just want to try
C) you don't own on Steam but do on xbox or gamepass (and you don't want to load windows)
D) some people just want to get a quick achievement or two
E) could be a space issue for people with lots of games loaded even with an sd card.

Should I go on?

I'm not even cloud crazy, some cloud hate going on here.
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Proposal: ban all topics mentioning steam deck and gamepass until gamepass games are running natively.

Can't believe that this OBVIOUS product doesn't exist yet, Microsoft.


To be honest, if Steamdeck got proper/native Gamepass support I’d buy one in an instance. Just think about it - would be like having a portable Xbox. Heck, I’d propbably be tempted to sell my consoles too.

Cloud support is something of a consultation I suppose though and is almost tempting. Any updates on this, has anyone tried the cloud gaming and are most games, barring competitive ok?


I have both xcloud and psnow very impressed at where they are at now. Anything xbox 360/ps3 and below feels like im playing it natively via local wifi. Modern games play great but the resolution sucks. Cant wait for a native app on the steam deck instead of playing from a web browser. The people dismissing streaming prob have never tried it. Still waiting for my steam deck q2 purchase email smh. Has anyone gotten ps now to work on steamdeck?
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