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Steam Client Beta August 4, 2022: Update adds support for Nintendo Switch Joycons

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It's not a big update, but it might interest a few people.

Steam Client Beta - August 4​

The Steam Client Beta has been updated with the following changes:

Steam Input
  • Added support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, both individually as a mini-gamepad and combined into pairs
  • Improved support for the Nintendo Online classic controllers


The Joycon is too flawed for me to enjoy this update, but I have to give Valve props for supportung modern controllers. Now I just wish the new style Atari classic stick was supported along with it's paddle function.


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Very nice but fuck me when is big picture going to get that polish pass it's needed for like a decade.

I had to do the config equivalent of suplexing it through the spanish announcer's table last time I tried to setup my saturn pad. Infinite scrolling due to wack default bindings, different UIs leaking into one another, labels that make no sense... Mess.


This is really exciting for me. I’m one of the few that freaking love the joycons
my only issue with joycons is that they feel fragile as fuck but i've had them since 2017 and had no real issues. so i guess they aren't bad lol. my ps/xbox controllers are the ones that i've had issues with. everyone goes on about joycon drifting and i'm on like my 4th xbox and 2nd ps controllers with drifting lol.
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Nah, Steams controller support and configurability is fucking awesome, it's massive value add for me.
Especially with steam deck usage and steam link streaming. Their work and the community profiles has been amazing. It was genius letting people upload control schemes to the cloud, save locally, save a template and relabel buttons. You can setup multiple mappings for each game.


Epic is right to stay away from that shit
What? If it wasn't for it I wouldn't have been able to play on PC using my generic controller and the switch pro controller without relying on third party softwares which added an additional hassle tbh... It's so plug and play that it's literally the reason I couldn't move anywhere else and only game pass made me do so for the deal.

It alone puts steam eons ahead competition. Now I have a Xbox controller but thanks to steam I didn't even feel rushed because why should I?
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