State Of Decay 2 Trailer Reveals Heartland, Its "Biggest Expansion Yet"



State of Decay 2 expansion “Heartland” is now available for $9.99 and on Game Pass across Xbox One and PC, publisher Microsoft and developer Undead Labs announced during the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference.

Here is an overview of the expansion, via Microsoft:

Welcome to Heartland.

State of Decay 2: Heartland features a return to Trumbull Valley in a new story-based adventure. Once the iconic site of the original State of Decay game, the towns of Spencer’s Mill and Marshall are now overrun with an advanced form of blood plague: a more aggressive and far deadlier version than exists anywhere else. Though it may be familiar territory to those who homesteaded here years ago, Trumbull Valley is packed with new dangers… and unspeakable horrors.

The Past Is Never Dead.

In Heartland, players choose from two sets of starting characters who have traveled to Trumbull Valley for different reasons. Both pairs of survivors are on a mission to find people important to them: characters who appeared in the original State of Decay. Players must also find and recruit crucial hand-crafted characters in order to build a strong community. They can also claim the beloved Jurassic Junction as their homesite and build the biggest base yet, blending nostalgia with new features.

Key Features

  • New map! Explore Trumbull Valley, the site of the original State of Decay game.
  • Narrative-driven single-player adventure with branching storylines.
  • Choose your heroes! Heartland features two starting pairs of survivors:
    • Quincy, an ex-con and member of the Network, and his partner Helena.
    • Larisse, the long-lost daughter of Mickey Wilkerson, and her aunt Fiona.
  • Custom characters including recruitable survivors.
  • Claim your base at Jurassic Junction, the largest homesite in the franchise.
  • All blood plague freaks! Blood plague screamers, ferals, juggernauts, and bloaters featuring deadly new attacks.
  • Over eight hours of story-focused gameplay culminating in the Gauntlet, a grueling challenge that requires skill and strategy to overcome.
  • Provides answers players have wanted since the launch of the original game.
  • New achievements worth 500 Gamerscore.
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Is anybody playing this? I've got a community with 8 people. Does anybody know if you can recruit a mechanic? Or where you find mechanic upgrade blueprints? Valor needs a better car.

Edit: Protip: This game is more difficult than the base game. One great way of dealing with Zeds is to create the Masterwork Assault Rifle - 100 round clip! (You might need to start the game with the white ex-con to get this ability.)
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I haven't got into it yet as I have been messing around in Borderlands 2 new Lilith DLC and taking advantage of the auto level 30 for new characters for Maya and Slavador. I never had a chance to mess with any character outside of my Axton, because I didn't want to grind up characters in the same game.

How is Heartland? I have seen some bugs that look like the same from the day 1 release of the main game.


Dreamcast Love
I really wanted to enjoy this game. I really tried. But the constant game breaking bugs and glitches just put me off.

How is the game now? Is it worth re downloading? The expansion sounds fun but if its still a buggy mess I would prefer to just leave it...


I'm really surprised Microsoft bought this studio. When I played the main game a month or so ago. It was a buggy, clunky and didn't look very pretty.
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