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Trailer Indie Squadron 51 - Teaser Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Publisher Assemble Entertainment, China-based publishing partner Whisper Games, and Brazil-based developer Loomiarts will release shoot ’em up Squadron 51 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam) in 2021, the companies announced.

“We’re huge fans of classic sci-fi horror and we jumped at the opportunity to co-publish Squadron 51 with our partner WhisperGames,” said Assemble Entertainment CEO Stefan Marcinek in a press release. “Squadron 51 has found a loving home among Assemble Entertainment’s other award-winning titles known for their charming eccentricity. Fans of all genres will appreciate this delightfully original shoot ’em up.”

Here is an overview of the game, via Assemble Entertainment:


Warning! Extraterrestrials from outer space have arrived on our planet, bringing promises of a bright new future for the earthlings. However, this otherworldly partnership soon reveals a darker side as the VEGA Corporation, the alien enterprise led by the hideous Director Zarog, is imposing its predatory politics on the human race. In the midst of this oppression, the rebel group Squadron 51 rises as a response against the violent acts committed by these vile beings. Will the brave pilots of Squadron 51 and their aircraft stand a chance against Zarog’s diabolic fleet of flying saucers?

Key Features

SHMUP Yeah! – Enjoy classic shoot-’em-up gameplay with four unique aircraft that can be customized with special weapons.
Cinematic Experience – Marvelous black-and-white aesthetics, live-action FMV sequences, and dubbed voices will tell the story of the battle between Squadron 51 and Director Zarog’s alien fleet.
11 Ways to Save the World – Fight against enemy ships and bosses in 11 different environments – snowy mountains, forests, cityscapes, and more.
Rookie Pilots Supported – Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran flying ace, Squadron 51 supports dynamic difficulty that allows every pilot to enjoy the alien extermination.
Ducks Fly Together! – Fighting an alien horde is more fun with a squadmate! A second player can enter a level at any time — earn points with a co-op player and unlock together new special weapons and upgrades.
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Aug 23, 2018
Meme Think GIF

Ozzy Onya A2Z

Apr 16, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Really cool are style and lovely production value. Very cuphead-esque in execution. It's not something I'd pay a full retail price for but I'd check it out a reasonable price or post launch sales.