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Spider-Man 2 Prequel Comic Spoilers



The comic starts off with MJ and J. Jonah Jameson squaring off on a podcast. J. Jonah Jameson is interviewing MJ, asking questions about her failed book about war in Symkaria.

At the same time, Peter and Miles battle it out with long-time Spider-Villan, The Tarantula. The art direction used for The Tarantula comes from the 2018 Spider-Geddon storyline. It is high-tech armor similar to Doctor Octopus. He is quickly defeated and the trio head back to Peter’s.

At Peter’s house tension builds between Peter and MJ. When the topic of moving in together comes up, she shuts down and will not commit. Meanwhile, Miles talks about his struggles with picking a college that can support both science and music.

The Hood​

The three decide to walk and get some air, along the way they encounter a group of hooded car thieves. It is later discovered the group is using stolen tech from the now-deceased Tinkerer working under the name The Hood. The Hood is able to escape by using cloaking tech but Spider-Man, MJ, and Miles work together to track them down.

Using electronic webbing Spider-Man, MJ, and Miles are able to capture members of The Hood and get them to talk. MJ uncovers their massive crime spree while Miles and Peter hunt down their leader. They encounter a man in hiding with his ailing mother, trying to find a cure.

Spider-Man and Miles approach The Hood’s leader, and a battle ensues. The conflict ends shortly after it begins as the mother of The Hood’s leader passes away. Peter and Miles console the man, giving him time to grieve before they hand him over to the cops.

Tension on the Homefront​

MJ, Peter, and Miles are together again and Miles has decided to follow Peter’s footsteps in college and attend ESU where there is a Music Science program. Peter and MJ have patched things up but, they still have not moved in together.

The story ends with J. Jonah Jameson making a pitch to buy the failing Daily Bugle newspaper. The corporate conglomerate agrees to sell, and J. Jonah Jameson vows to teach keyboard warriors a lesson.


Thanks for that, nothing too thrilling though. One of the reasons why I hate these long wait times for sequels is that by the time the next game arrives, I forget characters and even parts of the stories. I had to google who the Tinkerer was again. :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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