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Sony's New Strategy: going multiplatform, focus on GAAS, subscription services

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Of course Sony was going to have to respond in some way or another to MS's Gamepass strategy. A lot of the views over here was that Sony should just continue to do what they are doing i.e focus on the traditional retail model and single player story driven games.

Even if Sony does that very well, it was pretty obvious to me (and to Sony management from the looks of it) that they were going to go the way of Blackberry if they just ignored the industry shifting to subscription services, and more open platforms. You can say say that Xbox is now fully available on PC and Sony is now following suit. From the sounds of it they are also becoming the biggest GAAS publisher with 10 GAAS games in the pipeline between now and 2026.

I only have a Series X so Sony's new strategy doesn't affect me. But being a regular on this forum, I know that a lot of people despise things such as Gamepass and and believe that PC releases of exclusive titles kills console sales. Oh and everyone hates GAAS.

Curious to know your thoughts since it looks like MS had the right vision all along.

Jim Ryan: "We are starting to go multiplatform"

PlayStation Plans New Service to Take On Xbox Game Pass

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