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Sony should separate their streaming strategy to their gamepass-esque strategy. Gamers don't care about streaming; casuals* don't care about hardware.

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Dec 3, 2019
mod edit: "I don't know Sony's plans for a gamepass-counterpunch." Then the premise of the thread will not work until you do know what the strategy is.

*Casuals could be defined in many ways, but what I meant by "casuals" in the title are those people who are not much of a gamer to warrant for themselves an investment in a console or PC but wouldn't say no for a chance to play some games occasionally. My sisters, for example, wouldn't spend money to buy a console, but they play videogames because I have the hardware and I let them have it occasionally. They mainly play games (not console quality type of games) on their phones.

1. Their streaming strategy should involve their Sony Pictures and Anime department and offer a combination of movies, exclusive shows, anime (basically like Netflix and Disney+), bolstered by some games (not 900+ games like PSNow) that make sense for streaming and the target audience. This is basically the same as my Sony+ thread minus the thing about PSNow. The streaming strategy for casuals* don't need that many BC games. Perhaps a selection of PS4 and PS5 story-driven games and quick fun games. This is basically how Sony will trickle down their games to the casuals*.

The main hook to subscribe are the exclusive shows, their thousands of movies, and animes - video games will just be an added value. I'm not saying that each and every show and movie that Sony Pictures make has to be exclusive. That's financial suicide. I maintain my stance that MS cannot sell their gamepass with a pricetag of $10-$15/mo to the casuals* with only games as the driving factor for subscription.

2. I don't know Sony's plans for a gamepass-counterpunch. But I hope it's not day and date release of their AAA games. I hope it's a plethora of good old games (like PSNow today) but improved with day and date release of AA smaller games every month with an occasional game like Returnal, a AAA-ish game. I'd also prefer if they'll just call it PS+ Premium and abolish PSNow completely (remote play should do the trick for streaming for the few people who use them). Don't ask for $15/month. Maybe increase the annual price a bit for the Premium tier but not that much. This will be analogous to how Disney approach their Disney+ service. Disney is still committed to big movies and these movies don't release on their Disney+ service , but release with a separate price tag. This will ensure that the subscription service will be supplemental to how we consume games and not the primary way to play games.
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