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Spoilers Business Platform Sony says it wants to ‘make PlayStation more social’ and confirms mobile push


Feb 5, 2014
Sony's biggest, most important games over the next 10 years will be open world multiplayer. (Sorry, but that's the future.) They'll make a serious attempt, and succeed, in furthering the proliferation ESports. How much will they succeed and who else will succeed is unknown.

We're going to see "It titles" grow bigger and bigger. The brands of PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo etc will diminish in importance as these individual games become larger and larger on a global scale. Fortnite + Minecraft will be viewed as archaic precursors to something much larger in a few short years.

Humanity connecting with eachother on digital platforms will lead to a dystopian/utopian future that will disrupt a number of giant industries. There will be wreckage left in it's path.
Yeah, nah.
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Jul 31, 2010
A Sony PS Films division?

So just like the mobile division they shut down, only to open up a new one now under the PS umbrella.

What happened to all that One Sony rhetoric they wouldn't shut up about? This company seems to be making all the stupid moves for sure...
Mar 7, 2017
They’ve yet to release true multiplayer focused game, let alone mp juggernaut. Their whole image is based around third-person action-adventure type. 👶🏻steps first Sony.

Are you just talking about this gen?

Throughout the PS3 and PS4 gens there were a number of killer MP-focused games.

Warhawk being the one that immediately comes to mind. That's one of the best MP games ever made.