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Sony Q3 FY2018 Financial Results (Gaming Focus)


Nov 9, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Source: Sony!

Not much to talk about. Just some boring numbers to show.

Sony as a whole is -10% revenue from the same quarter as last.

Q3 Total Revenue in billion $:
Q3 FY2017 --- 24.4
Q3 FY2018 --- 21.94
Change ------ -2.46 (-10%)

Revenue from Game & Network Services segment experienced the largest growth.

G&NS Revenue in billion yen:
Q3 FY2017 ---- 6.56
Q3 FY2018 ---- 7.22
Change ----- 0.66 (+10%) ($660 million)

Interesting note. There are 10 segments that are used to calculate revenue. Game & Network Services segment generated twice as much as the second place segment. The second place segment is the Home Entertainment & Sound which generated 3.55 billion $.

Q1-Q3 FY2018 total is relatively flat compared to Q1-Q3 FY2017. Only a slight loss of 1% compared to last year.

Total Revenue in billion $:
Q1-Q3 FY2017 ---- 60.216
Q1-Q3 FY2018 ---- 59.715
Change ------ -0.501 (-1%)

Total Q1-Q3 FY2018 from Game & Network Services increased just a bit more than 20% than previous year.

G&NS Total Revenue in billion $:
Q1-Q3 FY2017 ---- 13.693
Q1-Q3 FY2018 ---- 16.557
Change ----- 2.864 (20.9%)

Game & Network Services segment still generated almost twice as much as the second place segment. The second place segment is the Home Entertainment & Sound which generated 8.55 billion $.

Game & Network Services Slide Analysis:

Q3 FY2017
Sold 9.0 million PS4 units and generated 6.56 billion $

Q3 FY2018
Sold 8.1 million PS4 units and generated 7.22 billion $

Sold 19 million PS4 units and generated 17.75 billion $

Sold 17.5 million PS4 units and generated 21.47 billion $

Due to the expansion of the PS4, PlayStation®Plus subscribers increased 4.8 million year-on-year to 36.3 million and software sales increased significantly year-on-year.

Although we need to be conscious of potential volatility in profitability due to the console cycle going forward, we are working to mitigate that volatility by leveraging the more-than 91.6 million unit cumulative install base of PS4 to benefit from the new business model created by network services and add-on content sales.


Dec 7, 2010
[...]leveraging the more-than 91.6 million unit cumulative install base of PS4 to benefit from the new business model created by network services and add-on content sales.

The interesting bit imho.
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Apr 7, 2006
It's not really boring......

"PlayStation Plus subscriber numbers are at an all-time high at 36.3 million users paying to receive the benefits of the service such as free monthly games. The previous quarter about 34 million subscribers were claimed, so in three months Sony added about two million PS Plus accounts.

Adding to that, as we reported for the previous quarter where Sony totaled 86 million PS4’s shipped, the company sold an additional 8.1 million units, bringing the total to about 94 million consoles sold. Sony will likely eclipse 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold worldwide later this year.

Lastly, for the gaming division, 87.2 million PS4 titles were sold, and 37 percent of those were digital downloads. Spider-Man shipped 9 million units in the quarter, impressive considering the game had a full month of sales in the previous quarter, and about 5 million GOD OF WAR titles were shipped as well."


Sony game sales saw an increase by 10%, digital sales are soaring from 28% to 37%, Plus Subs increased over 2 million from the quarter before.....Spiderman sold 9 million in the quarter, whilst we have reports of it hitting 3.3 million in 3 days after it launched on September 7th and yet had the rest of the month sales to add to that as well......GOW sold another 5 million copies are all amazing feats....

Of course Sony Music and Pictures is on a roll and Mobile is still lagging. However, overall, Sony posted a 2.93 billion profit, which is a 44% increase over the same quarter last year. Yet for perspective, gaming wise, how does Sony compare to the other gaming companies.......It's true Sony's gaming division made less profit, this quarter over last, at least 100mil less, but do we now see why they didn't do too many PS4 price drop sales this year, they could have lost even more profit...At least hardware still did amazing, they sold 8.1 million units and that's impressive considering their lower projections, which they had to keep increasing....Yes Sony could have sold more hardware if they had more holiday and yearly sales, but not at the expense of profit......

From what I'm hearing all gaming stocks fell a bit, Nintendo, MS, Activision at the time of writing.....There's a lot of information out there and perhaps others can contribute, as I'm on the run, but relative to the other gaming companies Sony is doing pretty steallar...The extra 2 million subs they got this quarter should contribute even more to PSN sales next quarter, where digital is on the rise at 37%...

Some perspective...



is mad because DF didn't do a video on a video of a video of a video on PS5
Mar 19, 2013
I think you should converter numbers to dollar to not generate confusion.

Or use the yen sign instead dollar sign.

Edit - there is really something wrong with the numbers.., it says yen but looks like dollars.
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