Sony Pictures movies (including all of the Spider-Man films) will stream on Disney+/Hulu after the Netflix window expires


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Disney has set a massive movie licensing pact with Sony Pictures for the U.S. that promises to bring Spider-Man and other Marvel properties on Disney Plus starting with Sony’s 2022 release slate.

The wide-ranging deal also calls for Sony titles to run across Disney’s array of streaming and linear platforms, making it unprecedented in scope. It also includes a significant number of library titles that will be spread across Disney platforms.

The agreement comes on the heels of Sony’s output deal with Netflix for titles in the lucrative post-theatrical release Pay 1 window. The Disney deal covers subsequent TV windows, meaning that the titles will land on Netflix first, about nine months after the start of a film’s theatrical run. Disney is scooping up for multiple platforms the windows previously reserved for ad-supported cable and broadcast airings of movies

Though, if this means more of Sony's awesome WAY back-catalog gets added to Disney+, I'm good with that.
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This is just a licensing agreement, which is cool in and of itself. Sony has some good library films that would go very well on Hulu.

It would be exciting, however, if it included production rights to live action tv series.


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Spiderman 2 is still several orders of magnitude above any of the cape shit Disney has ever shit out.

I was going to disagree and point out Iron Man... then I realized that wasn't Disney who made it! I seriously forgot Disney had no part in the launch of the MCU. They just bought and supported an already maturing racehorse
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I like Disney+ but for the big movies UHD Blu-Ray still dominates for me (albeit DV sometimes tips the scales, but more often than not the much much higher sustained bitrate of UHD Blu-Ray still wins for me):

On the other hand, the TV shows they are producing are stellar and perfect for the format (Streaming/episodic digits catalogue) and it will be awesome to have the full catalogue on it anyways.
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Spiderman 2 is still several orders of magnitude above any of the cape shit Disney has ever shit out.
LOL! No it isn’t. The reverence this film gets is lost on me. It was OK. But hell Spider-man 1 was better.

No way is it on par with Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Infinity War... no you know what? I’m not going to list them because there are too many to list that are better than Whiney Parker and Tragic Villain #2.


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In the future there will be only Disney, Netflix, Amazon, Apple and PBS/BBC

Nintendo and MS *
Sony will get bought up by Disney all of it.
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