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Sony is Working on a 3D Scanner that will Allow Users to Put Real-World Items Into Video Games


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This is actually pretty interesting and I'd like to see them go forward with this concept. Marrying the real-world with the digital one at a closer level is one of the ways the medium moves forward with game design. Couple that with advancements in VR & AR and it could lead to something pretty special for 10th-gen gaming.

To everyone clowning on the idea, all I have to say is...you want that "magic" again, right? Well then don't knock stuff like this. At least wait until the tech is demonstrated before writing it off 😂


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I tried the LIDAR on my iPad, but it was frustratingly hard. Tried scanning a shoe and whatnot and it always came out ugly like a mishaped 3D-model from the 1980s.
I though it works pretty well, at least my friend who models shit praised it. Edges are problems, that's with every 3D scanner. Whole procedure is not for everyone, I tried it too and it sucked, but for those who know, it's great tool.


sounds like an extension of what you can already do with an Xperia phone. Their phones have a crude 3d scanning software that can "scan" a 3d model of something and store it as a rotatable object that can be viewed in the app.

IMHO it will never be more than a novelty, as an actual model would require a lot of clean up work by hand (usually) even after it's "scanned".
I'm getting the new Xperia. I might scan my gf and show her the model lol. What's the app called?


I'm getting the new Xperia. I might scan my gf and show her the model lol. What's the app called?

It was out of the box installed on my old Xperia 1 - IIRC it sort of even pre-dates that somewhat though can't remember when exactly it first was a thing on Xperia.

It has a somewhat more consumer friendly front end (though not perfect) by walking you through steps to scan an object. I've always just did some novelty food scans or something cute/weird if I have some time to kill, and I never saw it expand beyond some viewable 3d models that you can rotate around on the phone itself.


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Another day on gaf another useless method patent by Sony. These are not inventions but just boring everyday thing that all tech related companies do (including where I work, we file as many patents as we possibly can to cover our asses). Most of this shit is prior art anyway.


Sounds like cool tech, but can only see bad outcomes when they try to monetize it. The best bet was just a scanner for your face in character creator games.
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