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Sony has 13 first-party studios to date, here’s what they’re making


Wait, there's a new Wild Arms in development? When did that happen?

Wait What?

I just started (re-)playing the first Wild Arms just today. It is such an epic JRPG.

They are bringing this franchise back? CELEBRATION TIME!!!!!!!
Sounds like Christmas came early this year.

WA sequel or remake for PS5, I would file this just a tiny hair below an announcement of BB2.
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It's crazy that I've still days gone and Ghost of tsutshima to play. With god of war, Ratchet and horizon over the next 18 months I need to get a move on. Not to mention gran turismo and Spiderman. Sony have me spoiled.


it's a great lineup of studios. i do think Sony will purchase a few studios in the coming years - they were in the running for that company that Tencent ended up getting, and that was for around 1.2B, so they obviously have money to spend. Insomniac was around 280M if i remember rightly, so even with 'just' $1B, Sony could get some great value if they spend wisely. I would like to see some Japanese devs, like From or Platinum, which would bring something a bit different.

generally though, Sony should be looking at talented, smaller studios they can build up over time. Devs like Housemarque who are clearly talented could be built up over a couple of games to build AAA titles, if they wanted.
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