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Sony ending Sony Rewards points at PlayStation Store (unless you have a Sony/PS Visa)


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Just got this email from Sony Rewards:
  • As of January 1, 2022, earning Sony Rewards points at PlayStation™Store will be limited to Sony and PlayStation® Visa® Credit Card purchases
  • Members will continue to earn 1 point per dollar spent at PlayStation™Store with a linked account through December 31, 2021

Sony Rewards was never as lucrative as Bing/MS Rewards, but I have managed to get a couple of digital PSN cards with reward points just off PSN purchases over the years. Sucks that it's ending.

You'll still be able to cash in Sony movie tickets (like for Ghostbusters or Spider-Man) for like 200 points each, so I'll still do that. But I don't see getting a PSN card anytime soon once the PS Store points go away.


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I bought a PS4 Pro with my points. I didnt need it. Still roaming around somewhere. Those points where hard to come by if I remember.

I saw Microsoft giving out money just to use Bing. I keep hearing Microsoft Rewards everywhere, how it’s easy money. Time to permanently switch to XBOX, where the points are at.
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