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Sony didn’t pay for Metal Gear Solid 4 exclusivity ; Kojima did not want to make the port for Xbox 360


Again like ive said barley any multiplatform ganes or even first party studios kept stable 30fps, screen tearing was continuous, even on gta5, worst game id say for it was far cry 3, though the 360 version also suffered it badly whwn in firefoghts far cry 3 on ps3 had it whenever you moved
With the PS3 firmware and game patch of the time, yes, but the 10MB edram buffer in the 360 meant that the lower res and screen tearing would likely remain, and the 360 gamma is an issue even today, using a 360 on +£1500 OLED or £10k miniLED or QLED by Sony or Samsung.

My friend discussed this with me back at the time, and despite him agreeing that the 360 version visuals were all compromised, he'd been conditioned to them and said he still preferred the 360 gamma look instead of the PS3's accurate PC gamma (to use Valve's terminology) that he described as "washed out", and I think that is your view also. But now we all have vastly better screens I suspect his opinion has changed, and I'm surprised anyone with even a £300 4K LED wouldn't prefer the PS3's accurate rendering making best use of modern TV capabilities compared to the 360's - even if the 360 still got a 1-2fps gain and had a some extra 2D sprite alpha blended foliage.
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