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Opinion Business Sony “Blew it With the PS5 Digital Edition,” Says Analyst Michael Pachter


Feb 21, 2018
As I said the DE is a mirage. I bet 90% of people won't even be able to find one for at least 6 months to a year after launch. Its just for Sony to have a 399$ sticker price and get good press. Once they can get cheaper components into it they will start producing more and pushing it. For now its a loss leader to head off MS's 299$ cheap box.

It wouldn't even shock me if Sony didn't even make any DE's outside of 1 original run.
Jan 19, 2006
Pachter has always had some of the worst takes in the industry.

3 things the DE helps accomplish:
- It gives the PS5 something to compete with the Series S in the "budget" space
- No used games, rentals, borrowing - also means less potential used games for those with disc drives
- Less incentive to sell your console when all of the content is locked to your account

Just those three things and I'm sure many more are well worth the supposed $40 loss he pulled out of nowhere. Like all major new hardware the production cost will reduce substantially in no time at all so pretty soon the "loss" shouldn't even be a factor.
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