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Sony’s new PS5 ad could be teasing Uncharted 5


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A new Sony ad designed to promote PS5 could be teasing Uncharted 5. via (VGC)

The new promo, titled ‘Live from PS5’, features a series of live-action news reports reenacting scenes from various PlayStation games including God of War, Horizon, Gran Turismo and more.

However, among all the clips from current and upcoming PS5 games, one live-action clip stands out as being unrecognisable.

It shows a young woman in a cave, with a flaming torch. In a separate brief clip, she can be seen blowing dust off an ancient artefact.

The clips are the only shots that aren’t immediately recognisable, suggesting they may be from an unannounced project.

In a blog article introducing the ad, Sony said: “This new spot hints at the breadth of extraordinary experiences taking place in the PS5 universe through the style of a live news channel. See if you can spot all the game references.”

Uncharted 4 (spoiler warning)
ends with Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher’s teenage daughter Cassie discovering relics from their past adventures, and Drake deciding to tell her about them.

It’s believed by some, therefore, that the next Uncharted game could have Cassie as the protagonist, continuing where her parents left off.

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann claimed last week that the studio has ‘moved on’ from the Uncharted series, but that doesn’t rule out another studio taking on the IP.
Announcing that she’d joined Naughty Dog, Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty said it was special “to be building future teams for not only new titles but for the legacy of Uncharted”.

A job listing late last year also said that a new internal development team at Sony was co-developing a game with Naughty Dog based on “a beloved franchise”.

And last April, a recruiter at the studio seemingly hinted that Sony could be planning future Uncharted releases.


Yeah it's definitely the spoiler warning person. She's also blonde. To me Neil saying they are moving on from uncharted means less than zero; bend already did that awesome vita game and ND as a studio has already signaled their intend awhile ago.

Having bluepoint (I know they might be working on mgs) do uc5 or a studio like them would make alot of sense. Bend again?

Plus uc isn't druckmans anyway. I'm not sure he cares about it a ton besides being a producer for the movie. It was always Amy hennings project.

Druckman gives cagey answers anyway. I would take anything he says with a huge grain of salt. Plus he doesn't speak for Sony just naughty dog.

So, yes uncharted 5 is coming out with Spoiler as the lead character. Tlou mp will come out. A new IP at ND will come out. And bloodborne remake will shadow drop whenever starfield comes out.


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We already know for a fact they didn't. They've said many times they are done with Uncharted.

This may be by another studio
They said they was done with Uncharted (as in Nathan Drake Uncharted), they could call it something completely different but still keep it within the Uncharted universe and still 'technically' be done with Uncharted. (reaching maybe, but this bit of the trailer is a bit of a conundrum)


Interesting. Uncharted finished nicely which a lot of game franchises and TV series struggle with. I could see another studio running with it the way OP is thinking though. Sony didn’t make a movie (and likely a sequel) to keep the game franchise on the shelf.


Who knows, it seems weird to just reference the Uncharted IP using an unknown female protagonist. But assuming it's a tease of the next unannounced game might be a long reach as well...I guess we'll find out in the next few months, probably it's not developed directly by Naughty Dog.


As long as Naughty Dogs main teams arent working on it, then Im happy to play a 5th. Naughty Dog needs to work on a new IP


Honestly would be down for a real adventure game as Nate's archeologist daughter. And I do mean adventure game, not a 3rd person shooter where you explore legendary locales.


Switching Uncharted's main character to a female one might put the franchise in an uncomfortable position, as it would sound a little bit too much like a Tomb Raider knock-off.

You know what would be really innovative? An Uncharted game with two main characters, a couple: Cassie Drake and her partner in crime (could be someone like Chloe Frazer's son for the fun of it).

They could take a bunch of gameplay ideas from It Takes Two. The game could be played as a single-player (2nd character AI) or as a two-person coop. It could be sort of a blooming love story (and a "traditional" one to boot, since that's kind of rare these days). They could have distinct personalities, like have Cassie Drake being the relentless risk-taker adventurous type (like her father) and Jon Frazer the calmer, colder and scheming one (like his mother). The quips could be amazing, and the characters could grow together throughout the course of the game or game series.
But.. it would still be an Uncharted game. It would still have historical relics, tombs, mountain climbs, puzzles and hordes of bad white dudes for the MCs to murder en masse with no remorse or social media fallout.

I would play the hell out of that game with my wife, and/or with a friend.
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Cassie as the main charecter? no thank you. Give me a prequel with Sully, or a spinoff with Chloe, Sam, Nadine, and Cutter.

Uncharted is still my favourite franchise, and has always set the benchmark graphically for the Playstation consoles. I hope Sony continue that trend with a a future Uncharted title.


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Switching Uncharted's main character to a female one might put the franchise in an uncomfortable position, as it would sound a little bit too much like a Tomb Raider knock-off.
It would put them in the uncomfortable situation of having to explain why they made the mass murdering hero of the Uncharted story a woman.


It would put them in the uncomfortable situation of having to explain why they made the mass murdering hero of the Uncharted story a woman.

Why is that uncomfortable? Lara Croft is a mass murderer, especially in the newer trilogy where she kills dudes much more brutally than Drake ever did, and it's not a big deal.

Admittedly the new Tomb Raider series took a darker and heavier tone than Uncharted, but it's not like that would stop Cassie from killing just as many dudes as her father.
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