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Sonic Mania |OT| Dreams Come True

Each day I have been checking to see if the switch update is live and tried just now and it's downloading an update, says 1.03 I had to close and open the game again.

*edit* I am late on this, guess I forgot to check last night!


One of the unexpected benefits of Sonic Mania for me is that it finally got me to start liking Sonic CD. Playing the levels that made it into Mania gave me the idea to go back and give CD a real try (I only played it through once I think). I usually would start it up and turn it off in the second zone because its so unlike Sonic 2/3 to me. This time I actually tried to look at the time travel mechanic, the music, and the odd level design with an open mind and I ended up really liking it. Played it through three times at this point, I'd probably even put it above Sonic 1.
I still kinda hate the jump sound effect

Also, I appreciated Mania's visuals even more after spending a ton of time going back to 90s Sonic.


Finally starting the game properly now that it's patched. Hopefully the patched all the crashing too.

Gotta say I hate Studiopolis Zone. Maybe my eyes are shot or something but the whole thing is a mess to me, I can't read the level. The Act 1 boss is even worse.


Not as deep as he thinks
I hate these Chaos Emerald stages. Awful controlling nonsense.
I hated them at the beginning too and thought they were really hard, but once I got the hang of how it works, it clicked and it became so fun to try and get them. They're really easy IMO.
I hate these Chaos Emerald stages. Awful controlling nonsense.

The trick is to jump frequently around turns. Your turn radius is tighter when jumping, and Sonic will rocket off in the direction he's facing after hitting the ground. Using the stick/dpad to turn left or right is more useful to direct Sonic to pickups on straightaways.

I love the special stages. They grant the player a great degree of control and decision-making, especially compared to earlier special stages in the series. I'd play a whole game full of them.
Sonic Mania physical release is incoming :D:

Quoted from the Sega Twitter feed:

"Sonic Mania goes packaged with Sonic Mania Plus! Mighty and Ray join as playable characters, new Encore mode, 4P Competition mode, Holographic packaging, 32-page art book, and more. Summer 2018."
I don't know why but I feel as though Metallic Madness's muaic sounds vastly different to the original 3 on Sonic CD (I know they use samples from the older music but it doesn't sound at all like them!)

I had a feeling that Act 2 uses one of the Streets of Rage 2 soundtracks (Stage 7-2 I believe) and I was correct when Lee Topes said he did use SoR as a base for one of the beats!

I vastly prefer the Sonic Mania remix but I do listen to the original now and again.
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