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some guy leaked FFXV's story six months ago | up: newer 4chan stuff as of Dec 9th


Sony Press Conference 2030:

Screen goes black. "One last ride" appears on the screeen. Cut to a close up of a dark object panning around it slowly zooming out until the audience realizes that it's the Regalia. The crowd goes wild. Noctis is sitting in the passenger seat calling for his friends to come out of the gas station at Hammerhead. But Stella walks out. Everyone in the audience starts melting from hype. Everything goes trippy and turns into a hallucination as Stella walks towards the regalia. She gets to Noctis and says one profound line and the trailer cuts to black halfway through her speaking. Final Fantasy XV Remake shows up on the screen. Flash cut. The logo breaks and the original versus logo shows up, Final Fantasy XV Remake: Versus. Beneath it, A Final Game Directed by Tetsuya Nomura fades in. Nomura gets to finish his magnum opus as his final game.

The name's too simple.

Look forward to Final Fantasy Versus XV: Caem Spanturus T-13: Another Side 1/3
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