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So I keep being on the fence with Xbox Gamepass...


Oct 23, 2020
For me it's simple, i see what games i look forward in 2021. None of them will be in gamepass, so easy answer.

Also gamepass is 100$, but you add Xbox live and it will be 150$ and that's crazy money for just sub service (if you can't play the gamepass online mode game what's the point). Also the games on gamepass are rent you won't keep them. And if it's about trying games, there are demos of games, something that exists since begining of time.

Gamepass is good deal only for people that love MS games like Forza and Halo, and even then it's probably better to simply buy the games for 60 each (even less if you wait few weeks) when they came out, instead of feeding MS with 150$ per year for years.

1. Also the games on gamepass are rent you won't keep them.

No one complains about this on PS plus games. If you unsub you lose access to the games till you subscribe again.

It's funny this this argument is thrown out alot by certain fanboys but I can guarentee they subscribe to Netflix, disney plus, Spotify, etc.

Gamepass is good deal only for people that love MS games like Forza and Halo

Nope. I enjoy halo for what it is but I've never really been a huge fan of the series. Never thought the series deserved the hype it gets. I'm not into Forza motorsports either.... Though I have enjoyed my time on horizon 4 a lot. However my count time with the latest installments are quite low.

How can gamepass ONLY be a good deal for gamers who like those games when there is a absolute ton of other games from a variety of different publishers that cover many different genres. Your post reads like a total fanboy. You've probably never tried the service or even looked into it.


Apr 11, 2020
I've subbed a couple of times at trial rates (yes you can do that or at least you could when I did it) but I always let it expire, there are a good amount of games (a lot of 360 stuff that pads the number a bit) but generally when I want to play a game I buy it so there isn't anything ever on the service that I want to play that's new to me so it's just not worth spending the money on. I subbed for $1 to play Halo 5 and HATED it and another time for Gears 5 and didn't like it at all either, the series has really gone downhill after the amazing Gears 3.