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So I’m in need of a gaming laptop and I have no idea what to look for anymore (PC Gaf, get ITT!)


Dec 10, 2019
First of all, if there’s a community thread please report to Mods and move my post there because I couldn’t find it.

I’m moving back to Windows for a myriad of reasons but I figured that in the process a gaming laptop would suit me a little better. But I’m having issues here trying to nail down exactly what to buy because apparently I’m better off buying previous generation’s of laptops because the GPUs are better (?) but I also like the looks of what I can get at Costco here and now because large purchases I still prefer to do in person than worry about online retailer’s.

I use to keep up with this kind of stuff a few years ago but I gave my 1060 equipped razor blade to my brother in law but it seems like at some point in the laptop realm that stopped being true.

In terms of power, what I largely play is stuff like Banished and Diablo 3, Fighting Games, CRPGs and strategy. Thought with Sony exclusives coming to PC I feel like getting back into that realm full time. I’ll probably branch out into that but keep in mind I have a PS5 (which I’m debating on selling honestly, it’s sat dormant most of the summer after I got bored with Guilty Gear.)

I would like to have it look a little less “gamerish” but honestly the premium, power loss and not to mention noise that comes with it I’m open to it because the reality is it’s not leaving the house except for when I visit family. I have a monitor with Freesync and television with Gsync, would be great if it was able to use those features.

No, I DO NOT want a desktop!