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So did the Sony VASG/San Diego Studio Uncharted rumour add up to nothing?

Nov 15, 2017
For those who don't know, VASG is an abbreviation for Sony's visual arts group.

Remember when next generation talk really started heating up? There was an on-going flow of tid-bits of information from job listings and information from insiders started to form a picture that Sony Visual Arts Group was up to something. The big rumour that was cooking in the pot was that this game that VASG and Sony San Diego were developing was follow up to the hit title Uncharted 4, a series that whilst Naughty Dog said goodbye too, Sony have no plans of dropping with over 45 million sold.

However, there's so much stuff coming out now about the line-up for Sony and PlayStation 5 that this rumour just disappeared. Then stuff starts coming thick and fast. Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Bluepoint on the so called Demon Souls remake, Sony Japan working on a Silent Hill reboot. Spider-Man 2, God of War 2 etc. I waited to see this rumour came back up with baited breath end just ended up like...

So what do we think GAF? Are there enough sleuths left here that we can dig something up? Or at this point, does it look more and more like it was just bullshit?

I'd love it to be true.
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Sep 30, 2019
I think the former Naughty Dog Quentin Cobb is leading that new studio. Only time will tell if they're making Uncharted 5

I hope they are :)