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Slightly LTTP - Deathloop


Jun 2, 2016
Stamford CT
This game is going to be in my memory for awhile,

Seemed like people's opinion on this game was pretty meh on this board, but i thought it was fucking fantastic.

I will say that the final moments i think could have been a bit more fleshed out. I was expecting to have to do some fighting and sneaking at the RAK that would add some real tension. Imagine you've finally killed all 7 in the perfect day, lined up all the dominos and then you have another super dangerous zone to fight through.

The general feel of working through the zones and slowly pulling on this string until the whole yarn was unraveled was something I've never experienced so fully fleshed out in a game. I really hope we get a sequel or an expansion, and that more games show this level of ingenuity in their gameplay.

I will say I'm a bit biased to games such as Bioshcok, Arkane titles, and Deus ex, those first person sim/shooter/rpg types, so this game really scratched that itch for me.

Anything yall would recommend playing after this?


Jul 29, 2013
I loved deathloop. To scratch the same itch I really couldnt tell u but I played Hades right after and had a blaaaast
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Captain Toad

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Dec 1, 2020
I platinumed it. It was good, not quite great, imo. Prey was their superior game.

Hopefully, people are still not hesitant because they don't like rougelikes. The game is, in no way, a rougelike/rougelite.


Aug 19, 2007
Question. I just picked this up but am struggling to understand what I am doing. The mission is like go here then exit. Am i supposed to be exploring or something?