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Skater XL - Multiplayer Update


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Skater XL’s Online Multiplayer Free Skate Mode is available now as a free downloadable update! Free Skate Mode allows up to 10 players the ability to jump into an online skate session together.

The Skater XL Online Multiplayer Free Skate Mode allows players to join a random public room or start their own and invite friends to join using a passcode. Adding to the experience, the same replay editor functionality found in single player can be found in the new online mode, giving players the ability to save and edit group party lines, individual tricks and memorable in-game events.


Love this game, but wish they’d focus more on the physics and tranny. Skating with friends is cool and all but I’m not sure that’s anything progressive in the direction of improving the realism of the skating itself.
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