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Sifu - Fight Club Gameplay Teaser


Nice "The Raid" vibes. I'm wondering what happen if you lost lots of fights as a noob and end with a 80y old hero after chapter 2 or something ? Did you just loose the game and need to start over from scratch with a new character ?
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I love it and happy for them taking the time. Yes Absolver sucked but got some things right and looks like a very valuable lesson for what they're going for here. If they get the physics right this could be a gem.


I assume you age 1 year every time you lose?

Game looks kick ass but needs to drop those realistic sound effects and put some HongKong style ones.


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Hopefully we are gonna unlock a fuckload of new moves because i can see this one becoming kindq boring after a while, unless the game is only 3-4 hours long.


I really hope it has an atleast somewhat technical combat system and not just Arkham-style buttonmashing that looks cool.


It appears kinda weak to me, the moves don't really have an impact, the game "cheats" by shaking the camera at every hit waaaay too much (looks as fake as a Marvel movie combat scene) and the sound effects are totally out of place.

Good thing it's delayed.


I don't get the age mechanic. Is it a convoluted lives system, but building up to death instead of down to 0?
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